Protect life by providing personal, social & financial incentives that affect positive change within the insurance industry.

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Protecting Life by

Bringing Community Together

By definition, the word “Egis” means shield or breastplate of armor.  Items that are designed to protect life.

When analayzing our founding purpose, we recognized it was to protect life with insurance that provided personal, social and financial benefit to families and businesses. Hence, our company name EgisLife.  

The roots of our journey began in 1949.  As communities expanded across the Country in ensuing decades, Egislife was formed to address the financial needs of an increasingly technology focused society.   

Having earned the reputation as a trusted planning resource, the company focuses on protecting clients against the hazards of life: death, disability and an unprotected business.  

The philosophy of serving community is the founding principal of the company – “Protect life by bringing community together”.  As a modern day thought leader, EgisLife now provides custom rate insurance for the cannabis community.

Through a global network of insurance providers, we introduce custom rate solutions to qualified individuals and businesses looking to secure financial peace of mind for those they love and or need to protect.

As a non-traditional firm, we require that our insurance carriers compete for community business.  EgisLife assists in this process by introducing data science, technology and old fashioned know-how to the underwriting equation.  

The cannabis movement is substantial and by bringing the cannabis community together as a purchasing demographic, Egislife is affecting positive change on how cannabis users are perceived as a risk and business opportunity for the insurance industry.

Combined with the unique resources offered through our concierge services, Egislife stands alone in the effort to serve the burgeoning population of cannabis enthusiasts – estimated to be in excess of 147,000,000 individuals globally.

The company maintains a national network of insurance professionals and specialty underwriters.

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Commercial & Personal Lines Insurance

Inquire here if you are a Cannabis related company seeking Commercial & Personal Lines Insurance coverage. EgisLife will introduce the state of the Marketplace and current offerings.