The Research

Although used for thousands of years, only recently has science, medicine and industry focused on verifiable cannabis research.

Cannabis Community
Recreational Marijuana
Medical Marijuana
Business Opportunity

Cannabis Community

Cannabis Science

Scientific study has altered many previously held beliefs regarding the health risks of cannabis and the potential medical benefits associated with consumption of such.

As an insurance provider to the community, we consider the whole you, dispelling the myth that cannabis consumption automatically “makes you” a higher mortality risk.

Public Policy

Over 90% of the U.S. population lives in a state where medical, adult-use, or CBD only forms of cannabis have been legalized. Public policy is being forced to adapt.

Cannabis legalization at the state level allows select insurers to service a community once deemed “criminal.” This reduction of risk may equal premium savings for you.

Business Climate

The growth momentum of the cannabis industry is staggering, with North American sales of legal cannabis and cannabis products projected to exceed $20 billion by 2021.

Increased regulation has created a more favorable business environment, allowing insurance companies to recognize and focus on serving the needs of an ever growing community.

Public Opinion

In the U.S., where support for legal cannabis is at an all-time high, public opinion has transitioned into proactive legislation protecting the rights of cannabis users.

Once viewed as fringe or undesirable, key insurers now recognize that an increasing number of existing and future clients may consume cannabis or support cannabis legalization.

Recreational Marijuana

Cannabis Use Differentiated

Cannabis users have historically not disclosed cannabis use to insurance companies out of fear. Being improperly classified as a tobacco smoker may increase premiums by 300%.

Key insurers focusing on the cannabis user demographic now recognize that consuming cannabis does not warrant the same classification, risks and rates as a tobacco user.

Couch Potato Myth Debunked

The stereotype of the red-eyed slovenly coach-potato, blissfully watching TV all day and digging through the cushions for dropped snacks, is as outdated as the fax machine.

Recreational and adult-use cannabis consumption is commonly paired with exercise and healthy activities including yoga, hiking, jogging, cycling and outdoor recreation.

Actuarial Data Confirms It

Research supported by actuarial tables and hard data confirm that the average healthy recreational cannabis user does not pose a higher mortality risk than a non-user.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet, as well as existing conditions and health history, are far more likely to affect insurance rates than recreational cannabis use alone.

Medical Marijuana

Science & Medicine

Members of the scientific & medical communities acknowledge that cannabis may introduce viable medical treatments that can be used to address qualifying health conditions.

Medical conditions that cannabis is being prescribed to treat are of much more significance to an insurance company than the actual consumption of cannabis itself.

Quality of Life

Data supports cannabis improves the quality of life for many patients with non-life threatening conditions, such as migraines, arthritis, PTSD and glaucoma.

There is substantial evidence that cannabis or cannabinoids are also effective for treating chronic pain, reducing multiple sclerosis spasticity and serving as an antiemetic.

New Perspective

In the recent past, only 6-7% of published research on cannabis analyzed medical benefits – 93% was designed to investigate harm. This painted a distorted perspective.

Modern education, research and science based institutions have adopted a new perspective on the topic. Result being, EgisLife’s ability to provide custom rate insurance.

Business Opportunity


With 1 in 8 Americans acknowledging personal cannabis use, insurance for cannabis businesses and cannabis users has emerged as a large and growing specialty market.

Recognition of the cannabis community as a legitimately significant buying demographic has been a catalyst for motivated insurance companies that offer custom cannabis solutions.

Social Benefit

As cannabis businesses grow and thrive, a portion of state taxes derived from legal cannabis sales are earmarked for social programs, including education and healthcare.

Insurance security for emerging cannabis businesses, and those individuals involved and associated with them, supports local businesses and main street communities.

New Frontier

Many companies and entrepreneurs in the cannabis space are pioneers and visionaries, assessing opportunity and often making decisions to take initiative before their peers.

The same is true of our insurance partners, who recognize the legitimacy of the cannabis business community and acknowledge the necessity to provide

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